Paper list

Smart Grid, Demand Response, and Energy Analytics

Below are notes and resources on papers I published during my PhD on demand response and smart grid analytics.

  1. Estimating Human Interactions with Electrical Appliances for Activity-based Energy Savings Recommendations
    [Paper] [Poster] [Cite]
    Dataset: previously is now Pecan Street. See also this announcement.

  2. An Economic Analysis of Pervasive, Incentive-Based Demand Response
    [Paper] [Cite]

  3. Online Unsupervised State Recognition in Sensor Data
    [Paper] [Supp. material] [Cite]
    Dataset used: REDD dataset. The original dataset address ( is unavailable. Please email me for a personal copy.

  4. Pervasive Data Analytics for Sustainable Energy Systems
    [Paper] [Cite]
    Note: This is my PhD thesis. A collection of my work.

  5. Temporal Association Rules For Electrical Activity Detection in Residential Homes
    [Paper] [Dataset] [Cite]

  6. Crowdsourcing Behavioral Incentives for Pervasive Demand Response
    [Paper] [Cite]
    Complete list of the crowd’s submitted ideas: [link]

  7. Privacy Enhanced Demand Response with Reputation-based Incentive Distribution
    [Paper] [Cite]

  8. Leveraging User Expertise in Collaborative Systems for Annotating Energy Datasets
    [Paper] [Code] [Cite]

  9. Consumer Segmentation and Knowledge Extraction from Smart Meter and Survey Data
    [Paper + Supp. material] [Cite]

  10. Forecasting Uncertainty in Electricity Demand
    [Paper] [Poster] [Presentation] [Dataset] [Cite]

  11. Cluster-based Aggregate Forecasting for Residential Electricity Demand using Smart Meter Data
    [Paper] [Supp. material] [Cite]

  12. When Bias Matters: An Economic Assessment of Demand Response Baselines for Residential Customers
    [Paper] [Review response] [Code] [Cite]

  13. SmartD: Smart Meter Data Analytics Dashboard
    [Paper + Supp. material + Review response] [Poster] [Presentation] [Code] [Demo videos] [Cite]
    Dataset: CER dataset

  14. Effective Consumption Scheduling for Demand-Side Management in the Smart Grid using Non-Uniform Participation Rate
    [Paper + Errata] [Code] [Cite]

  15. Matching Demand with Supply in the Smart Grid using Agent-Based Multiunit Auction
    [Paper + Errata] [Presentation] [Code] [Cite]

  16. Electricity Load Forecasting for Residential Customers: Exploiting Aggregation and Correlation between Households
    [Paper] [Code] [Cite]

  17. Symbolic Representation of Smart Meter Data
    [Paper] [Cite]

  18. iDR: Consumer and Grid Friendly Demand Response System
    [Paper] [Cite]

  19. DRSim: A Cyber Physical Simulator for Demand Response Systems
    [Paper] [Cite]

  20. Methodologies for Effective Demand Response Messaging
    [Paper] [Cite]

  21. A Collaborative Framework for Annotating Energy Datasets
    [Paper] [Cite]

Papers with Huawei

  1. [RecSys] Exploiting Graph Structured Cross-Domain Representation for Multi-domain Recommendation
    [Paper] [Code + Dataset] [Cite]

  2. [RecSys] Online Meta-Learning for Model Update Aggregation in Federated Learning for Click-Through Rate Prediction
    [Paper] [Slides] [Video] [Cite]

  3. [CV] Quantitative Metrics for Evaluating Explanations of Video DeepFake Detectors
    [Paper] [Video] [Cite]

  4. [RecSys] MM-GEF: Multi-modal representation meets collaborative filtering
    [Paper] [Cite]

  5. [RecSys] FedFNN: Faster Training Convergence Through Update Predictions in Federated Recommender Systems
    [Paper] [Cite]

Other Papers

  1. Cognitive Radio Algorithms Coexisting in a Network: Performance and Parameter Sensitivity
    [Paper in IEEE] [Cite]

  2. Mining Complex Activities in the Wild via a Single Smartphone Accelerometer
    [Paper] [Cite]

  3. Minimizing Human Effort in Reconciling Match Networks
    [Paper] [Cite]

  4. SMART: A tool for analyzing and reconciling schema matching networks
    [Paper] [Cite]

… more notes are coming soon …
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